October 9 Sketch

One interesting article that I have read for my proposal is “Drawing Fire: Editorial Cartoons in the War on Terror,” by Chris Lamb and Mark Long. This is an interesting article for me because it uses a comparative methodology that I will follow for my paper. The paper provides cartoons that were created in response to the terrorist attacks on September 11 and notes the public and political responses to those cartoons. The article sheds light on the effects of the war on terror on the content of cartoons and how cartoonists feared governmental backlash over the images they were creating. Unlike this paper, I am not going to focus on cartoonists for my paper; I will analyze images and note how they accurately or inaccurately portrayed George W. Bush. I will expand my subject to his entire presidency, not just the war on terror, although many images will likely come from that time period because it defined his presidency.


4 thoughts on “October 9 Sketch”

  1. Ben, after looking at the article you referenced I can see how useful it would be in this context even though you are choosing not to use the cartoons. It is also fair to say that September 11th defined President Bush’s presidency considering the impact it had on the rest of his time in office.

  2. What database did you come across this? This article seems incredibly helpful to your research and I am hoping to find a database that can help me find information like this.

  3. I think that having a good method source such as this article will be extremely beneficial to you while you write your research paper. Even though you plan to assess different types of sources than the ones in this article, it helps to have a methodology to mirror while also creating your own while writing.

  4. It is great that you have a method source, those are the hardest ones to find and the most important. While your source seems to be useful, I hope that some of the images contained within it are actually portrayals of George W. Bush. Your research question is great for this UW class because it’s built in such a way that images will be quintessential to answering it. Also, what database was the article from?

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