October 9 Sketch

Out of all the sources and databases that I have found so far, the most interesting to me has been Documenting the American South, from the University of North Carolina library. This database contains the most comprehensive list of usable photos, advertisements, articles, and reports about my topic. I am planning on analyzing tobacco advertisements containing racist imagery, mostly originating from primary sources in the southern United States. Because the images and sources that I require for research are very specific to the southern United States, DocSouth is one of the databases containing the most usable information. I am looking to use sources found in DocSouth to try and answer the question as to why racist imagery was used in early twentieth century tobacco advertisements. What I have found so far has been interesting, and I now have a plethora of advertisements to analyze, along with several secondary sources of peer reviewed work that comment on my possible claims counterclaims.


3 thoughts on “October 9 Sketch”

  1. Excellent choices, Sam. I can see how the University of North Carolina library’s database could help with researching tobacco advertisements especially since it has an extensive archive of information from southern (tobacco) states. DocSouth is also something useful for topics such as racism, considering the plethora of information it has on the era of segregation.

  2. I agree with Keyaun. Do you have any idea how you are going to limit the ads you are finding on DocSouth? Are there specific trends you have noticed in your research so far that might influence how you chose which ads to analyze (say certain depictions, style, language)? Keep up the good work!

  3. Sam, I think it was a great idea to focus your search for information on DocSouth because finding information from a southern perspective will help authenticate your argument. Articles can often contain biases, but with the sources you decided to use, you should have concrete information to get a good argument out of.

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