Oct. 9 Assignment

I chose to examine the integrity of former President John F. Kennedy’s presidency throughout his lifespan leading up to present-day. I have found an article titled, “Apparent Perfection: The Image of John F. Kennedy” by Mark White through the America: History & Life with Full Text database, and it similarly models what I would write about for a research project about JFK’s legacy. White emphasizes the word “apparent” in the article’s title arguing that throughout the former President’s time in office JFK seemingly would manipulate his public image. JFK refused to take pictures with certain notable people because from his opinion the images would make him look weak.  Before press conferences, advisories to JFK would ask the press for the questions the press would ask to JFK, and then the advisories would report to JFK what the questions were so his team can formulate a well-received response. I would want to research to what extent did the public “buy” into JFK’s positive image, during JFK’s time as well as present-day, and I would also want to analyze what it would mean to have integrity as a President and if JFK could be categorized into that role.


3 thoughts on “Oct. 9 Assignment”

  1. I love your topic! I think it will be interesting to see how you define and ultimately measure JFK’s integrity in your paper.

  2. I’m doing my research on the Civil Rights movement which falls during the time JFK, so it’ll be interesting to see some correlations between our papers.

  3. What a cool topic! I wasn’t really aware of how much he attempted to control his public image, so i would definitely be interested in reading about specific people that he decided were not important enough to take pictures with.

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