Matt Browne – October 9th Sketch

After the second library prep, I had found a lot of different journals and books that pertained to my topic concerning cartoons and the Civil War.  What I was mainly looking for in my research was the portrayal of Abraham Lincoln during the time of the war and what could be made from these cartoons about him.  The secondary source that I found most interesting was the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association.  The part that I focused on the most was Volume 17 as it gave me key insight on how Lincoln was portrayed from a European perspective.  Gary L. Bunker breaks down the Comic News, which is a English newspaper that contained some political cartoons and poems about the American Civil War, and focuses on Matt Morgan’s drawings about Abraham Lincoln.  Most of the cartoons were meant to be humorous and make fun of Lincoln which I can use in my paper.


2 thoughts on “Matt Browne – October 9th Sketch”

  1. Your topic is very similar to mine by looking at cartoons and analyzing how the different sides depicted people differently. It would be interesting to see how the south depicted Abraham Lincoln vs how the north depicted him during abolition. It also would be strange to see how republicans were the northern progressive types and the democrats were fighting to keep slavery during this era. Interesting to see how politics can change and how views of parties change as well.

  2. It might also be interesting to explore the depiction of Lincoln after his assassination. I wonder if newspapers absolved him of all his perceived faults after his death or maintained the same level of criticism. It is interesting how the perception of a person can change before and after death.

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