Friday, October 9th Assignment

For my research project, I will be analyzing the use of gender stereotyping in cigarette advertisements over a period of time. One of the most interesting advertisements I have found so far came from Jet magazine in 1974. The advertisement for Viceroy cigarettes depicts a man getting out of a stylish red sports car, and he is smiling while holding a cigarette. A young woman is sitting in the passenger seat. At first glance you would not even notice that the female was in the car as Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 3.52.55 PMit seems that she is almost a part of the background. With the female in the passenger seat, playing a minor role in the image, the advertisement hints at the stereotypical role for a woman to be submissive, while the man is strong and powerful and therefore should take charge. Above the image there is a quote in large print, “He likes gutsy cars, lean women, custom threads. He wouldn’t smoke a boring cigarette.” The quote makes it apparent that this advertisement is intended for a male audience.


2 thoughts on “Friday, October 9th Assignment”

  1. This topic seems interesting and is something I’d never really thought about before. I like the idea, and it is true that you can hardly even notice the woman in the ad. It will be interesting to see if more cigarette ads from the period were like this as well.

  2. I liked how you described which audience the advertisement was aimed at. Also, the topic that you chose is very interesting and you could use a lot to help further develop it from primary sources such as these. Your analysis of this image is very in-depth and I can see how you would use this in your research paper in the future.

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