Friday October 9th Assignment

    The most useful resource I have found, and the one that inspired my research project, is the Internet Archives TV commercials. The first ad I found was a 1960 Kennedy for President ad that showed cartoon figures holding Kennedy signs and singing about why you should vote for him. The entire thing was the most upbeat and happy political ad I had ever seen. Looking to the 1964 ads, everything dramatically switched tone. Instead of songs, every other ad showed a nuclear detonation or heavy warfare in Vietnam. The dramatic shift made me think, did America really become so much more pessimistic in four years? Could you chart political ads against prevailing American attitudes? These TV ads were so completely different they demonstrated the shift perfectly, and have become a benchmark for the rest of my project and for analyzing the prevailing public attitudes of the time.


5 thoughts on “Friday October 9th Assignment”

  1. I liked how you already have a specific event that you want to analyze in your paper. It’s really interesting to see how one ad can be completely different from other ads later in the decade. Maybe you can focus on how the audience of these advertisements changed.

  2. This is a very interesting research topic, and something that I, myself, have not even thought about in terms of this project. I think what you are trying to show will be extremely thought-provoking, and having those sources to help make your points will definitely persuade many readers to if not agree with you, strongly consider what you’re saying (I know that isn’t necessarily the point, but even if they don’t agree with you, it’ll get them thinking– that’s what’s important). Good luck!!

  3. I think this is exactly what an archive should be doing. You come in with an expectation, but then this shifts when you discover a nuance within your line of research. Your project seems very intriguing, I’m sure you’ll even discover more nuances along the way.

  4. I think that analyzing the shift in politics by way of political campaigns is an extremely innovative and interesting topic. The shift analyzed through ads truly demonstrates a thorough understanding and background knowledge of the topic. I have no doubt that you will be successful in raising questions surrounding the politics of this time. If you would like, you could focus

  5. I found it very interesting how we can infer a whole public opinion just by looking at the different ads government agencies make at that time period. This may be a very amusing topic to see how influential media, and advertisements can be. You can also look up the reactions the public had for these ads and posters.

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