Friday Oct. 9th Assignment

The most interesting article I have found in my research so far is The Bridge Over Troubled Waters  by Lottie I. Joiner. This article examines the political impact of the three marches in Selma, Alabama over a 3-day period in March, 1965. The article pinpoints the national outrage of the events of ‘Bloody Sunday,’ a day drenched in horrific violence and mistreatment of African Americans. Following these events, Dr. King made it his mission to stop the violence and move forward in the fight for civil rights. He led more than 2,000 people to a bridge in Selma where they knelt to pray for their progress and an end to the violence. This shows how King used unwanted violence to his advantage, this act of prayer drove people to join his historic 54-mile march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. This article is critical in its descriptions of the events of those few weeks in 1965 and how they changed the course of the Civil Rights movement for the better.


One thought on “Friday Oct. 9th Assignment”

  1. This is clearly a really solid source for you in writing this research paper. It seems like it’s more of an objective piece so the “retelling” of arguments won’t necessarily be an issue. This article can be used as a reference tool and to help understand situated in order to make an argument of your own.

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