Friday 9 October Assignment

During my research, I found the Internet Archives: Classic Television Commercials to be the most interesting. This database has television commercials broken up and categorized by keywords to make finding relevant commercials easier. Classic is defined on this sight by age. There are few commercials on the sight more contemporary than 1975. I clicked on categories for “shampoo”, “women”, and “1950s.” Because my project will be analyzing the use of women in 1950s era advertisements, this database provides many visual primary sources. I found an 11 minute long compilation of shampoo commercials ranging from 1952-1959, several dove soap commercials from the era, and a Quaker oats commercial from slightly later in the early 1960s. The actual images of women vary in the advertisements, and the gender of narrators seem to vary between categories of advertisements, which is something I plan on exploring in my paper in relation to what genders had a more trusting authoritative voice.


3 thoughts on “Friday 9 October Assignment”

  1. My paper is actually very similar to yours, except pertaining to 1920s newspapers. It is so interesting to see the direction you are taking and this database seems like it will have a lot of great sources to help you expand your paper!

  2. This archive is incredibly interesting, especially when it comes to key word searches, You started out looking into a very specific segment, but then you were able to branch out and notice nuances in and out of this segment. With so much information at your fingertips, I’m sure you could find a nuance within a segment to analyze quite well.

  3. This is a topic I never would have though of, and something I wouldn’t think would exist in archives like the ones we’ve been searching! I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into this by not only viewing how the women are portrayed in these ads, but the narrators as well. This is so interesting to me and I can’t wait to hear what you conclude. Do you still intend to look for more contemporary ads even though they can’t be found on this particular database?

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