10.9 sketch

The most interesting source I have read so far is Heather Hendershot’s “Secretary, Homemaker, and ‘White’ Woman: Industrial Censorship and Betty Boop’s Shifting Design.” In the most basic sense, the author explains the evolution of Betty Boop’s design as a result of both voluntary and cultural censorship of media and women throughout the 1930s. Hendershot identifies the shift of Fleischer Studio’s design of Boop from a highly sexualized, yet virgin flapper girl to a modest, but covertly sexual housewife. This particular article is compelling to me because the author dissects the design choices of Boop in a similar way to how I intend to investigate: Popeye the Sailor (another animated character from the same time period). For example, she differentiates between changes in Boop’s design that parallel the objectification of woman in the workplace rather than those that aimed for more efficient animation like the simplification of Boop’s hairstyle. Moreover, she provides valuable information regarding Fleischer studios, such as their “improvisational style” during the 1930s, which also created Popeye. In sum, the article provides prospective, example methodology for cartoon character analysis and informative background information about the Studio, production, cultural trends…etc.


2 thoughts on “10.9 sketch”

  1. This topic seems immensely interesting. It is great that you found an article that parallels how you would like to investigate the influences and progression of an animated figure in the 20th century. Have you been able to find any articles regarding a shift in what is dubbed “masculine” during this time in pop culture or art or the media?

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