Friday 9 October

During my research process so far, I have found a lot of really intriguing and effective sources. While I have mainly utilized databases through the GW library sources, they have all given me super distinct results. When I began researching the messages and tactics within World War I propaganda posters, I found that while primary sources are in great abundance secondary sources specific to my topic are few and far between. Though many of these sources and sites were super interesting, one of my favorites was definitely the Harry Ransom Center database. When using this database, I was able to find dozens of pictures of original World War I propaganda posters. The collection of prints that this database in particular had as results when I searched a huge variety of key concept and method terms was impressive. A lot of these prints were heavier in text than others I had seen but there were also a lot of posters that were more image oriented and “traditional”. The results from Harry Ransom Center database in particular will be incorporated in my research paper in order to present and analyze various types of methods and concepts.


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