11:30 Office Hours

Greetings, all!  What questions do you have about your research in progress?   Issues with particular archives or databases? Ideas about your project?

Use COMMENTS to pose your questions.  I’ll reply by editing your comment with my notes in brackets.  Refresh your browser to see my edited comment.

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4 thoughts on “11:30 Office Hours”

  1. I have an idea for my project! Lewis Hine photography and it’s exposure of child labor/immigrant conditions

    [PT: Okay, that’s a good start! What is interesting about Hine’s photography? What would be the question, exactly? Is it about how Hine shaped his photographs around a specific claim he wanted to make? a certain perspective? It is about how viewers reacted and responded to those photographs? Is it something about the question of the truth/shaping of photographs themselves? … ]

  2. Dear Professor, in terms of my research of Chinese stereotype, Chinese medicine ( I have searched some images of previous Chinese drug store in US) should be a part of key points or a distraction in the topic?

    [PT: This could be an interesting way to focus your research–how did American media portray Chinese medicinal practices in images–cartoons, illustrations, photographs, etc.? You could look at different images from different time periods to see if there is a change–e.g., cartoons and illustrations in newspapers in the 1870s-1890s, photography books on Chinatown in the early 1900s, maybe Hollywood films from the 1930s-1960s? Or, if there are lots of images from a specific time period, you could focus on that time, looking at as many images as possible across different media. This is an interesting question because it is closely linked to the larger stereotypes, but it might shift in different ways from the larger stereotypes.]

  3. I have two possible ideas for my project, the first which has a lot of information easily accessible is US propaganda during WW2 persuading women to join the war effort. I’ve found several images that I could use for this however, I’m really interested in my other topic of the bracero program. The program has limited images especially from the 1940s (which is the time period I’m most interested in) is there maybe somewhere else I could look to find more information? Or should I just stick with the topic with more resources that I have found?

    [PT: Certainly there are lots of archives for propaganda images–see the Wolfsonian collection on my archives list. But the other one sounds interesting, too. Could you describe the Bracero program? What was it? When? What were its goals? How did it use images?]

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