10:00 am Office Hours

Greetings, all!  What questions do you have about your research in progress?   Issues with particular archives or databases? Ideas about your project?

Use COMMENTS to pose your questions.  I’ll reply by editing your comment with my notes in brackets.  To follow up, please just start a new comment of your own, so I’ll see the new one pop up.

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5 thoughts on “10:00 am Office Hours”

  1. This class is focused on American art, however can we look into American reaction of foreign pieces of art? For example, American reaction to Monet’s “Women with a Parasol” in the National Gallery of Art.

    [PT: YES, this would be a great question! For an example of this, see the article on Powers’ “Greek Slave” statue when it toured the US. Granted, he was American, but he was living in Italy at the time. And the article could give you a model for how to look for public reactions of all kinds.]

  2. I had a problem with one of my articles. It wasn’t available online and I requested it through the WRLC catalog but it told me that no one was willing to give me a copy. I found the article through Google books so that I could read it; however, it is missing a few pages. Is there another way for me to get the article?

    [PT: Definitely a question for followup with a librarian. Try the Reference Desk at Gelman or the main desk at Eckles. What was the article?]

  3. It was “Imaging America: The Photography of Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis” by Pasquale Verdicchio.

    [PT: Wow; I can’t even find that in Articles Plus or on google! Definitely a question for a librarian. Also, there should be plenty of other scholarship on Hine and on Riis. You’ll see articles, I’m sure, but also books (for Friday’s assignment.)]

  4. After looking at Friday’s assignment, I am a little confused about the focus of the research project. Are we supposed to be focusing on a specific type of image for the entirety of the project or focus on a specific theme/time period and use multiple types of images to support our argument?

    [PT: Right–you could be analyzing different types of images, e.g. comparing a certain kind of stereotype in Hollywood film vs. in Sunday comic strips. So for Friday, pick one of those for the book exercise (but also look for books on both). Regardless, though, your question should revolve around the images–e.g., how & why people used certain kinds of images, or how & why certain kinds of images worked in a certain way–not simply, for example, to argue that people were prejudiced and the images are “proof” of that. Does that difference make sense?]

  5. Yes that makes sense, is our book for Friday supposed to be about our topic/theme from our first assignment?

    [PT: the book should be helping you think about how you will analyze the images you are interested in. So it should be relevant to you in terms of your still-developing research project.]

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