Cartoonist Joe Sacco’s response to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo — and Olivier Tonneau’s defense of Charlie’s offensiveness

Joe Sacco on Satire after Charly Hebdo

But see Olivier Tonneau’s response to this kind of push-back, in which Tonneau defends Charlie Hebdo’s record of advocacy for France’s immigrants (their chief target being Le Pen’s nationalist party) and he reflects more broadly on the rise of violent fundamentalism in France: “So the question is: how has a fraction of the French youth (of either white, black or Arabic origin) become so responsive to fundamentalism? The answer to this question cannot be directly traced back to ‘the West bombing Muslim countries’. I think it has primarily to do with the complete failure of the Republic to deliver on its promises of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. Here, there is an important point to make.”


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