Nazi Racism in WWII

Date: December 31 1937

Publisher: German Federal Archive

Format: Picture


This is a photo from mid World War II taken in Sikkim, in the Himalayan mountains. This photo immediately makes a person’s mind shift the issue of racism, whether or not it was being done by the Germans in WWII, aka one of the most severe incidents of racism in human history. Here, a man, who seems to be happy at this opportunity to being measuring either this man’s nose or skull, in order to determine whether he was categorized into the nazi racism policy guidelines. Most people, when they think about the targeted victims in World War II, they think of jews, disabled, homosexuals, but usually not native americans, therefore this picture is slightly surprising .The whole picture in general has to be absolutely shocking to the absurdness of what they were doing to decide who was the “best race”, but is also similar to what is going on right now in Ferguson, Missouri. What was happening in Germany in the 1940’s, and seems to be something that would never happen again, is still occurring to a degree today, with skin color as the main stimulant. What America was trying to prevent in World War II still sometimes happens today.




4 thoughts on “Nazi Racism in WWII”

  1. Racism is a big problem in worldwide and it is a problem that we have to solve. During this summer we saw the FIFA campaign “Say No To Racism”. Campaigns like these are essential to solving this problem especially when they are sponsored by big organizations as such. They make a powerful impact of the spectators and viewers of the event.

  2. Yeah I think this is a really important photo that deserves more attention. The fact that they actually measured noses at that time is just ridiculous, but it kind of supports that idea that racism can be very black and white. It seems as though racist people are very “your one of us or your not” and they even used tools to measure whether or not a person is up to their standards. This picture really puts into perspective just how exclusive racism can be.

  3. spencermanners
    Isn’y our society as a whole exclusive in regards to everything be it what college you can or cannot get into based on prestige, or race in defining guilt in a court of law, or simply by the clothing we are expected to wear. Society has always and will always exclude individuals on the basis of some detail as if they didn’t everyone would be truly equal. Excluding based on race is no longer acceptable in modern society in most regards however excluding based on wealth, or social status is perfectly acceptable in todays eyes.

  4. This is both fascinating and frightening. To have your life decided by your nose size, which could be a centimeter over the limit and lead to your eventual death. That is just something I cannot comprehend. The Nazi almost looks like he is smiling, or he is really focusing, but I just get from the photo that there is a pleasure to it. We would never think about Asians, as we mostly associate the Holocaust with the Jews, but as pointed out, there were many other people targeted by the Nazi’s.

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