Reefer Madness


Title: Reefer Madness

Creator: Tell Your Children church group then later purchased by Dwain Esper


Format: Movie poster

This poster was released in pamphlet and poster form all across the country in order to associate cannabis with murder, rape, and the devil. The poster was designed to instill fear into those who knew nothing about cannabis and convince them that cannabis would ruin your life and the others around you. Despite the blatant lies and clear scientific inaccuracies, the images associated with the movie caused massive public hysteria and outcry for change and as a result cannabis and any associated plants were outlawed and declared illegal narcotics despite being harmless. The effects of this poster and movie are still being felt today as the the legalization debate still boils on, as many still attempt to sway the general public with lies similar to those in the movie.The poster shows that the general public can be swayed simply by information manipulation, this happens everyday in our society but in different ways.


3 thoughts on “Reefer Madness”

  1. It would be interesting to know why exactly people were so convinced by this movie. And also by the poster? Perhaps the movie includes footage that appears to be very documentary, and not dramatized or fictionalized. But this poster seems like a cartoon vampire horror movie poster. How did people actually buy it when it looks so exaggerated?

  2. A document, commercial or poster that seems official, many people listen to without questioning the intent of the producers of the content. Everything is an argument, there is no content without a purpose. The question is if the argument is correct. Which in this exaggeration, it is not.

  3. I found the extreme and obvious exaggeration of this photo to be intriguing. Did people really fall for this? It’s amazing to think how much can change in just a few decades. What crazy things is the media telling us today that is completely untrue, and how long will it take before the truth is revealed to us?

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