McCarthyism Propaganda



Is This Tomorrow, Catechetical Guild Educational Society, 1947, cartoon,


The image above is the cover art for the front of a comic book made in the late 1940s designed to educate Americans about the injustices of communism and the negative impacts that it would have on the country. I found it interesting that the comic was meant to educate people when it is so blatantly obvious from the image that it is purely propaganda made to incite an irrational fear of communism into the minds of Americans. At the time many powerful leaders, such as Senator McCarthy, feared a communist takeover in the U.S so they spread anti-communist propaganda across the country.

In reality, it is unlikely that there would have been any communist takeover even without the immense amount of propaganda used to fight it, but that’s not to say people like Senator McCarthy didn’t accomplish their goal. They successfully twisted the truth in order to manipulate how Americans viewed communism. It is scary to think that the people in power can so easily influence how the general public think through manipulative propaganda like the image above, and it makes you question the things we are being taught in schools today.


4 thoughts on “McCarthyism Propaganda”

  1. I agree that some skepticism needs to be applied to today’s education we are receiving. It seems as if every so often curriculums are changed due to an out of date fact, or a new finding by historians. I also agree that the general public far too often believes what ever the media says is true, in addition to powerful figures in politics. If you think about the situation in Israel with Hamas, Americans only have knowledge of certain events through American news (at least to the general follower of news). Since America is and has been allies with the Israelites, the validity of the news is concerning due to our immense bias in Israel’s favor.

  2. In times of national hysteria, the line line between educational posters and propaganda blurs, even to the point where the two are synonymous. It is a scary prospect that governments– the US government included– give false information to their citizens in today’s world. I agree that as educated citizens, we have to always question the information we receive, and question the motives of those reporting information to us.
    I would like to clarify who the people in the poster are. Are the men in the poster US citizens whose views have been tainted by communism, or are they men from communist countries trying to take America by force?

  3. There are not too many comments on this post, and especially not ones noting the powerful imagery. This is not the only McCarthyism, communist scare tactic poster/comic book on the blog but I do think that it is important to see how this poster is so over dramatic and brutal in its imagery. The American flag is the spirit of our nation, it represents our freedom. In this image it is burning, possibly one of the most powerful and disrespectful images that could be used. Along with the fire consuming our nation’s symbol are people dying, and proposing this fear in people that this could happen in as little as one day. I also like the point made that at a period in time this was education, so will one day future generations look back on what we were taught and ridicule how absurd it was? Although I do believe that we are beyond that, there is always a chance and I agree with harperhanson that “we have to always question the information we receive.”

  4. This honestly is a great cartoon. Props to whoever picked this one. The Red Scare brought controversy to America and Senator McCarthy was a radical himself who only wanted to turn the American people against one another to ultimately bring down what our Founding Fathers had worked so hard to build up. The propaganda shown in this picture is the quintessential demonstrative of the idea behind the Red Scare. There weren’t any communist spies within the government it was all speculation and lies. However, what would the U.S. look like today if Joseph McCarthy had his way? Would we all be working in kulaks in the middle of Alaska?

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