Buzz Aldrin Moon Landing

Taken by NASA


The year is 1969 and the United States is locked in an intense ideological conflict with the face of communism The USSR. However this conflict is much different than traditional battles because instead of launching rockets at each other, the two adversaries fire them straight into space. The space race was one of the more defining events of this Cold War and after The USSR made it into space first with Sputnik there was no way America was going to be second to the moon. 


Here we see the image of that victory. Buzz Aldrin stands tall in front of a proudly planted american flag where no person had ever been before and where so many had dreamed of being. He salutes not to inspire the americans who had been holding their breaths for the entirety of the operation, but instead to show the dominance of US over USSR, democracy over communism. Not only do the colors of the american flag stand out vividly against the stark lunar background but also the gold foil on the landing module showing the advancements in American technology. 


All in all this image is specially crafted to ensile fear and awe in those who had ever doubted the might of the United States and to prove that we are a force to be reckoned with. If an american can stand in a proud salute on the surface of the moon who knows what else we are capable of



5 thoughts on “Buzz Aldrin Moon Landing”

  1. As you have clearly stated, landing on the moon was a big deal for the United States because they had been beaten to the punch on everything in the space race by the USSR. Luckily, the U.S. was able to secure the holy grail in the Space Race which was to put a man on the moon. I remember seeing clips of JFK at the program’s inception saying, “We choose to do things, like going to the moon, not because they are easy but because they are hard.” I think this image is probably one of the prouder moments in America’s history and epitomizes that quote. The fact that Aldrin is sort of floating forward towards the camera symbolizes a change in the space race. It took a lot of hard work, but America surpassed the USSR.

  2. Yes, this was and is an enormous achievement for America. And the goals this achieved for America were both great and numerous. But too many people disregard or don’t think about what this means on a global perspective for humanity. This landing serves as a great benchmark to review many things about human life, from acknowledging our outstanding standard of living to recognizing our full potential as a species to accomplish great tasks. And Humanity continues to push itself to do these things whether or not they are motivated by national pride or private reasons. As evidence by the goals of firms such as SpaceX and various non profits.

  3. I think this photo has repercussions that extend beyond the realm of science and space exploration. This photo reminds everyone that any task that seems insurmountable has a path to success. You always hear, “if we can land a man on the moon, we can…” That ellipses has functioned as a pivotal part of the “American Experiment.” The moon landing has become a benchmark of human achievement and ingenuity that we, as a colonizing species, seek to surpass.

  4. This is an amazing picture because it shows what the human race is capable of. On January 31, 1958 the US sent their first satellite into space and on July 20, 1969 they landed a man on the moon. The moon has always been a mythical element, an unreachable goal of sorts, so to go from nothing to the moon in such a short period of time is remarkable.

  5. I can obviously see why this photo attracted multiple commentators as it is an iconic and moving photograph. This moment in history was one that is simply unforgettable. Man can accomplish anything, and that man was sent up from the United States of America. As Armstrong said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” I do find it funny that you choose a photo of Buzz Aldrin rather than Neil Armstrong, since Armstrong is the more well known of the two as he walked on the moon first. It is kind of nice to see Aldrin get some credit for the accomplishment as well instead of just being the guy who was with Armstrong. It was well pointed out by pathug123 that the American flag colors pop off the page to display our sense of nationalism and to exemplify that it was America who surpassed every nation in space accomplishments.

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