Citation reminders

Don’t forget to check my Chicago Citation guide as you complete your final editing.

There is no parenthetical citation in Chicago footnotes (unlike MLA)–with the possible exception that you might insert document dates in your text parenthetically if we need that information.

And no citation of databases for journal articles (unlike MLA), but you do cite online archives & library databases in which you find your primary source documents.

And!  Don’t forget the basic premise in formatting titles to things:

“Smaller Item in Quotation Marks,” Larger Item in Italics.


  • “Chapter Title” (if you cite one), Book Title.
  • “Academic Journal Article Title,” Academic Journal Title.
  • “Newspaper/Magazine Article Title,” Newspaper/Magazine Title.
  • “Web Page Title in Quotation Marks,” Web Site Title.
  • Titles of Paintings, Films, Sculptures, and other Stand-Alone Items are in Italics.

Your professors will generally find italicized article titles and quotation marks around book titles to be extremely annoying.  Read the rhetorical situation correctly–you never want to annoy your readers!



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