Wednesday & Friday…

Remember that I have cancelled class tomorrow, Wednesday.

Tutorials originally scheduled for Monday will meet at my office Wednesday; I will be there by Skype.

Friday class meets. Assignment is on the calendar (updated). I have arranged for one of my excellent UW colleagues to be there to lead you in a citation/proofing workshop. 10:00 & 11:30 will be led by Prof. McCaughey, who also teaches professional and technical writing (she’s got good tips on editing). 1:00 will be led by Prof. Riedner, who is also Director of Writing in the Disciplines (you can ask her about WID courses, if you like). MAKE SURE you complete all work due and bring all materials listed on the calendar. My colleagues will take roll & check for these materials, which are required to do the in-class work. The goal is to address all your citation questions; do your best to find the correct formats in the various guides I assign, but I expect you to have problems! Bring your problems.

Monday class will meet. Bring all assignments listed on calendar. We will do 2 class’s work: paragraph shuffle & conclusions.



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