Illustrated magazines (1870s-1910s) in GW library databases

Several of you wanted to look at images in Harper’s Weekly beyond GW’s access date, which is 1877.  You might ask Dolsy if there is some other way, but in the meantime, you should look at OTHER illustrated magazines from the period, e.g.:

Harper’s Bazaar (1867-1912) in the GW Library database American Periodicals Series (1741-1940).

That same database has all kinds of great magazines with images, e.g.:

Puck (1877-1918) [the American Puck; there was a British one earlier]

Ladies Home Journal (1889-1907)

Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly (1876-1904)*

And literally hundreds more!  The database is a little tricky and will require some playing around with. It is easiest to search in one magazine at a time, but you can also do multi-publication searches. You can limit by date of publication, etc.

American Periodicals Series also includes old scholarly journals and trade magazines.

*This magazine is not to be confused with two related newspaper titles found in the GW Library database 19th Century U.S. Newspapers:

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (1855-1891)

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly (1891-1892)

And for any 20th Century magazines (Time, Life, Cosmo, etc.), you can try the magazine title in the “Journals” search engine on the main page of GW Libraries.  Or, of course, ask a librarian.



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