Monday tutorials — snow plan

Those of you scheduled for Monday tutorials:  If the snow does what it is supposed to do, I won’t be able to make it into the office. In that case–and I will post here again early AM–email me your abstract by the time of your scheduled tutorial time (there will be a one-grade late penalty).  Cut/paste it into your email (citation and all) so I don’t have to open attachments.

I will record voice comments and email them to you by the end of the day, my goal being to do it within the hour in each case (assuming I don’t lose electricity, etc.).

If GW cancels classes, we will shift this email plan to Tuesday, same due times.  In that case, you (just the Monday people) will get a 24 hour extension on the deadline for the final ones.

None of this will change the Wed and Fri due dates for everyone else.

Questions? Please email me.


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