How to read your grades

Okay, so I’ve posted up grades to Blackboard for all those who have had Tutorial #2.  Here is how to read your grades:

First, I use the 4.0 scale for all assignments, the same scale used on your course grades and GPA. (See scale below for reading your individual grades.)

Second, note that the 4.0 scale does NOT translate to percentages.  E.g., a grade of 3.0 is a B.  It is NOT 75% (which would be a C+).

Third, Bb includes a Weighted Running Total column; this is your course grade as it stands to date, with all completed assignments weighed as indicated on the syllabus (sketches are not counted in yet). Use the same scale below to convert it to a letter grade (round to nearest score).

Fourth, Bb will also show you the average grade for each assignment. This gives you some idea of where you were amongst your peers (all three sections) on that assignment.

Okay! so here is the scale:

  • 4.3=A+
  • 4.0=A
  • 3.7=A-
  • 3.3=B+
  • 3.0=B
  • 2.7=B-
  • 2.3=C+
  • 2.0=C
  • 1.7=C-
  • 1.3=D+
  • 1.0=D
  • 0.7=D-
  • 0.0=F

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