Four more years.

ImageOn election night 2012, newly reelected President Barack Obama’s Twitter account tweeted a picture of he and First Lady Michelle Obama embracing accompanied with the caption “Four more years.” By a comfortable margin of about 500,000 retweets, it is the most retweeted tweet to date.

Why do you think the president’s campaign chose this picture to be the acknowledgement of their victory?  What do you think it is about this image that evidently had such a profound effect on the American people at the time?  What implications does the reaction to this image have for American politics in the age of social media?


One thought on “Four more years.”

  1. This picture remind me of the plot in “the good wife”. Peter Florrick was trying to elect the states attorney but his biggest drawback was his private life. His campaign manager was trying so hard to make his family relationship seems harmonious that the family was under so much pressure. A good family relationship makes a person seems dependable, especially in US where divorce rate is above 50%. This picture was actually trying to convey the sense of stability from the concept of family to the concept of country.

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