Planet Hillary

Planet Hillary

This January 24th cover of The New York Times Magazine underscores a few things in American media which reflect the national mood. An obsession with the next election years in advance is evidence of historic dissatisfaction with government. Additionally, it shows a preference of editors to cover the so-called horse race instead of policymaking, even when the competitors in the race are undeclared.


4 thoughts on “Planet Hillary”

  1. I think the cover did a great job to show her power which is essentially “the central of universe”. After releasing the news 2 years earlier of the election, her political ambition is obvious to the whole world. She is right at a special position in people’s heart and whenever she takes a step forward, people are watching her, waiting to see her next move.

  2. But this cover image is just grotesque, is it not? I’m not sure what connotations I would have of it, or why it might be controversial, but: ick.

  3. It makes sense that the Times would consider a high potential democratic candidate an aligning of the stars. This is creepy and has an “Obama gives me a tingle down my leg when he talks” ring to it (Chris Matthews). This is what I imagine a Hillary Clinton stalker making out of magazine scraps to hang up in his bedroom. Also…definitely not flattering to Mrs. Clinton!

  4. I do not think this cover is doing Secretary Clinton any favors for a couple reasons. One, it is creepy — plain and simple. And two, this mentality that has her at the center of the universe so to speak only adds to the media overexposure she is subjected to which is the same kind of overexposure that (amongst other things) derailed her campaign in 2008. This cover also is highly telling of a media that, unfortunately, is already in the tank for a candidate that has yet to declare her candidacy. Not to say conservative media is any better, however.

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