Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room

Time magazine’s front cover depicted the silhouette of Gov. Christie from New Jersey with the title, “Elephant in the Room”. Christie’s weight has been a matter of public and media commentary.


6 thoughts on “Elephant in the Room”

  1. Yes, Gov. Christie is going through a public scandal and his weight is also a matter of public and media commentary. The cover depicts a black silhouette of Gov. Christie with focus on his open mouth. This has dual meaning due to his reputation for having a “big mouth” verbally and as a big eater. It has also been stated that the more Christie “loses” the more Hillary Clinton gains. This photo truly sheds light on Gov. Christie in a darkness that has surrounded his campaign and future endeavors as a politician.

  2. Elephant: Republican symbol + Christie’s size. I get it. Seems rather lowbrow for Time? (Or am I over-estimating the height of Time’s brow?)

  3. While Christie has made some obvious mistakes that will definitely hinder his hope for a successful presidential campaign, his weight is not one of them. Ironically, this seems like a petty way to out Christie in a negative light. Time should focus more on the mistakes he’s made a politician and not get caught up in a tabloid-esque critique.

  4. I agree that this does seem to be rather distasteful of Time. I think Christie has enough possible controversy and certain journalistic value that should put him above ridiculous depictions like this one, especially in Time. They should be focusing more on the issues, or at the very least his recent scandal.

  5. Maybe not so lowbrow, considering he is a republican and his weight is a concern to people who wanna vote for him. Although the picture may seem controversial to some, I think is realistic in its portrayal of a current issue.

  6. As a Republican who supports Chris Christie’s “style,” I can see both perspectives on this image. At first glance, I assumed the elephant referred to the GOP. But my next thought immediately turned to Christie’s weight problem with Time attempting to create a clever play-on-words. This issue of Time came out before the bridge scandal – which isn’t really a scandal after all if you look at the facts.

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