Deep Space

Neil Armstrong Crying

An emotional moment in history, the first moon landing was a victory for the US in the “Space Race” against the USSR. Here, Neil Armstrong sheds a few tears shortly after walking on the moon. “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Do you think that this photo is capturing the emotions of just Neil Armstrong, or do you think that it could be a metaphor for how the US population felt about the victory in the “Space Race?”


2 thoughts on “Deep Space”

  1. This not only captures the emotions of one man, but it captures the emotions of the United States as a nation. This was such an important victory to the United States and brought about such a sense of pride, especially in a time of competing countries. This is a moment where one man represents the feelings of a whole country which is a rare moment in history.

  2. Also, you need a lot of passion for space and the progression of space travel to become an astronaut so those tears could be a result of joy that space travel had reached a significant milestone and maybe even pride that it was he who placed that stone.

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