11:30 discussion: Reality vs. Ideology

11:30 section:

Starting at 11:30 and continuing to 12:20, carry on a discussion about the ideas in Burke, Eyewitnessing, chs. 5, 6,  & 7:

Do you think visual materials from the past tell us more about the material realities of the past (e.g., the people or things depicted in the images) or more about the ideology (ideas, values, assumptions, perspectives) of the people who created those images?

Do not create new Posts. Just enter comments for this post. (Click LEAVE A COMMENT, which is either above or below the post.) Read all prior comments (click the post title to show comments; you may need to refresh if it doesn’t show new comments  automatically).

Add to the discussion. Carry it forward. Say something new. Make specific references to Burke (cite page numbers so we can follow). Make specific references to any of the artifacts you saw on Wednesday. Play devil’s advocate. Try out ideas you may or may not believe. Challenge your peers to think, maybe even to change their minds.

Everyone must post at least once IN THE FIRST 15 MINUTES, and continue to follow and contribute for the 50-minute session (this counts as your sketch). I’ll stay out of it the first 15 minutes, then enter selectively, but you all should keep it going regardless.

At the end, I’ll ask how you thought the discussion went.


106 thoughts on “11:30 discussion: Reality vs. Ideology”

  1. I think more people participated in this online class. Also I liked this better, but mainly because I didn’t have to take the Vex.

  2. i loved online class, i can work in pyjamas.
    The only thing was we had to keep refreshing and it’s quite easy to get backlogged with reading comments and a little lost if you dont keep refreshing

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