Visual Pedagogy: From Black and White to Virtual Realities

Many scholars and audiences look at new technology as being “new”, but what most overlook are the roots of the project, where it originated. Today people look at something as new and advanced as virtual realities and think about how innovative it is. What this essay is going to prove is that Virtual Realities actually maintain the same goal, function, and backbone as images used in the early twentieth century. The images I will compare are from present day visual pedagogy that is animated and early visual pedagogy from a self help book written by Bess M. Mensendieck. Though they will look dramatically different at first glance, the images actually have many similarities and even more importantly are used the same way. 


10 thoughts on “Visual Pedagogy: From Black and White to Virtual Realities”

  1. This is a really interesting concept, but could you maybe be more clear on what virtual realities are and what aspects of them you are focusing on? The same goes for visual pedagogy, it just seems a little unclear what you are discussing. Also, it might be helpful to give more detail or examples of what kinds of images you are looking at.

  2. Are you going to use Virtual realities that also have the purpose of self help? Do you think it would skew the data if you used a virtual reality focused on entertainment?

  3. I really like this idea but the focus seems a little too broad as currently stated. Are you focusing on self help images? Or is it more of a focus on the methods of creating an image or virtual reality that happens to appear in this self help book?

  4. I like the idea, I do believe that it needs narrowing down. What sort of images are you aiming at for your paper. I would also explain what virtual realities are. Its definitely an interesting idea!

  5. I agree that it sounds interesting but I am little confused with the terminology so make sure to clarify in the actual paper.

  6. This seems like an interesting idea but I’m not sure I understand what types of images you will compare. Also, although it may sound silly, you may want to include a description of what visual pedagogy is.

  7. This concept seems very original, but I am confused as to your claim, are you arguing that the ideas are the same, only the mediums of conveyance are different?

  8. I like the idea but maybe you can delve further into counter examples, how does the use of images as instructors compare actual people. Which is more popular?

  9. I really like the concept of your essay but I am wondering how you are going to compare these self help books when the status quo changes as time and place changes? Wouldn’t that be confounding factor to your evaluation?

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