Thomas Nast as a Political Player

This research paper analyzes the effect that cartoonist Thomas Nast had on politics during his time, and the impact that his drawings had on the events that they depicted. It also argues that Nast was using his cartoons to try to influence his audience to take action and participate in politics. Nast’s cartoons were not only influential at the time, but some of them are still often seen today; our modern Santa Claus and the elephant that symbolizes the Republican Party are just a couple examples. Why were Nast’s cartoons so revolutionary? And what sets them apart from political cartoons of today? This paper will explore the answers to these questions.


7 thoughts on “Thomas Nast as a Political Player”

  1. I’ve seen Nast’s cartoons before and I am always amazed at how deep they are. Considering the subject matter of the cartoon’s, it seems like Nast actually inserted himself in many of the controversies he depicted in his cartoons.

    I’m curious about how Nast created the logo of the Republican Party. In your research, did you find out why Nast chose the elephant?

  2. What is new and innovative about your argument that hasn’t been said before? How will your essay differ from the other scholarly essays about Nast?
    What images are you looking at and where are these images from from?

  3. Interesting topic but, I’m not completely certain what your claim is. Is it that Nast’s cartoons were revolutionary or are you going to focus more on the way they influenced the audience?

  4. I think you certainly have an interesting subject area, I would just suggest a more clear claim/thesis. You may want to look into how other individuals, such as his publishers and editors, may have influenced his work. I think it would also be interesting to compare his works to those of his contemporaries. Good luck!

  5. I enjoyed the abstract and the paper itself. However you mention that Nast influenced today’s cartoons and mention the symbols of his that are still seen. What changes in methods and stylization can be still seen though?

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