The Status Quo of Newspapers

This essay argues the idea of newspaper gatekeeping and looking at the ideas that are put in place in order to really understand what images are used in which contexts and what the public of different places want to see.  According to Shahira Fahmy, the small scale newspapers around the United States followed a trend in their imaging which made Fahmy realize that the editors of the paper chose certain images from the newswires which they thought would have the best impact on the community.  In this study, I used the trends that Fahmy found and compared them with the trends I found while looking at the New York Times, The Guardian, and BBC.  This gave me an international viewpoint on the events of Hurricane Katrina, and showed me what the people from Europe and the world thought about these events.  I was also to use this information to see what the international press would over exaggerate as compared to the images sent by the newswires.  This investigation was a purely statistical analysis of the images used by these newspapers, seeing blatant trends and all of the general ideas of what the editing staff deemed important for the society.


4 thoughts on “The Status Quo of Newspapers”

  1. I found the statistical analysis to be an interesting approach. I’m just wondering, what exactly do you mean by “newspaper gatekeeping”?

  2. I read and abstracted the Hurricane Katrina article, and I’m glad to see someone is expanding on it for their research project. Are you also investigating how the coverage was different in each individual country, or just foreign countries as a whole? I think it would be interesting to see how each country’s media covered Katrina, i.e. how England’s coverage differed from Japan’s, etc. Good luck!

  3. I am hoping you expand more on the idea mentioned in your first sentence, gatekeeping. It would be interesting to find out what sort of information was left out of the new in countries throughout the world.

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