Political Cartoons Published after Katrina: How they were framed

    This paper observes the framing techniques used in the political cartoon industry. It shows that the pool of cartoons actually shown in various newspapers and magazines go through a process of actually being picked to be published to the public. In order to get this point across, the paper focuses on the political cartoons published in the first week after Hurricane Katrina.  A selected few of these images, chosen from variety of the cartoons published in this week, are formally analyzed. The pool of cartoons analyzed in the essay, comes from many different newspapers. The contrast in different newspapers’ is shown by comparing and contrasting the formal analyses of the visuals. This comparison is used to show that, just like photography, framing is used in choosing political cartoons that reflect the opinion of the newspaper or magazine publishing it. [139 words]


5 thoughts on “Political Cartoons Published after Katrina: How they were framed”

  1. Sounds like an interesting essay. What was the subject matter of these cartoons? Also, did you find and/or use any sources to see how the audience reacted to these cartoons?

  2. I’m also looking at visual framing in my essay, but from the standpoint of how the frame evolves as coverage of an event goes on. I’m wondering how these cartoons evolved in the days following Katrina- what differences could be seen? Going off of that, were the trends similar across the different newspapers you’re gathering the cartoons from?

  3. Seeing that so many people are focusing on this similar topic makes this seem like it’s a very interesting topic! I was wondering if in your essay that you elaborated more on the comparison between photographs and political cartoons? More specifically, possibly looking at the major differences in photography that may not be present in political cartoons, and vice versa?

  4. Interesting topic, what newspapers do you specifically look at? Are you taking a wide variety of newspapers to get a full scale look at how each event was portrayed in different parts of the country?

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