Media and Its Effect on an Image

The media have used photographs for almost a century as a way to accurately depict and describe events happening around the world. This essay analyzes the way that media can change or adapt one image to suit multiple different needs. Rosenthal’s iconic photograph “Old Glory goes up on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima” will be the main image that I will be focusing on. The use of this image has drastically changed over time, going from a representation of the victories during World War II, to cartoons regarding the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military. This image also changed even based on who the intended audience was, and the reason of use. The headlines and stories about the photograph drastically changed if it was used in a newspaper in Maine versus the United Kingdom. In order to analyze this, I will use Burke’s method of finding out the four meanings that the image has.   (155)


5 thoughts on “Media and Its Effect on an Image”

  1. I like that you are going to using Burke’s methods here. I think his methods really allow you to go deeper and find a more significant meaning behind the photo.

    How did you select what photographs to analyze?

  2. I agree, I also like your incorporation of Burke’s methods. Also, I really like your choice of the photograph because I’ve read about how controversial it was. You mention that the meanings of the photographed “drastically changed” based on things such as its audience. My question is how did it change, or what change will you be focusing on the most?

  3. Good choice going with Burke, as the others mentioned. I think his methods will give you a very good understanding of the image’s use in various forms. You mention a comparison regarding the image’s use in a newspaper in Maine and the UK, which makes me think of other international uses in general. Has this image, which was taken as a very patriotic photo, been used by other news outlets to display anti-American sentiments?

  4. I really think your use of Burke will work perfectly for your particular argument. This will really help you to back up your central claim throughout the paper. However, are you going to compare this picture to any other pictures of American history during this time to show a natural trend?

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