An Audience’s Influence

Previous scholars have analyzed who selects the images that appear in the newspaper.  Several factors that influence this decision are mentioned.  In this research paper, I focus specifically on an audience’s influence in a photo editor’s decisions.  I analyze how two difference newspapers – the GW Hatchet and the Washington Post – covered the civil rights marches in D.C. after Dr. King’s assassination.  I perform a qualitative analysis of the images, and then contemplate how the audience of these two newspapers may have influenced how they selected photographs to put in the paper.  Both of these publications have very different audiences, and I point out how that is reflected in how these two newspapers visually covered these protests and demonstrations.  Ultimately, I conclude that a publication’s audience does influence how that publication visually covers an event.


9 thoughts on “An Audience’s Influence”

  1. This is a really original argument and I like how you are focusing on the audience’s influence. Why did you choose these two newspapers and how does the GW Hatchet play a different role than a bigger newspaper like the post? Also are you comparing the images from different newspapers in respect to black and white newspapers?

  2. I agree that this is a intriguing argument. Would you include in your essay how the publisher’s audience could have negative influence upon the visual coverage of an event?

  3. I like how you are using two newspapers that have much different audiences and purposes. Do you think that because its a national newspaper versus a college newspaper that it will have an effect?

  4. I like how you took this idea even farther to come up with a very unique topic. But, do you think that your argument would be even stronger if you used the Hatchet and then a national newspaper from a different city to get an even bigger difference between the two audiences?

  5. Very interesting argument, but maybe you should look at college newspapers from more rural or conservative schools to show just how different the Civil Rights movement was covered across the country.

  6. National newspapers have large audiences, how will you narrow down your findings? Using the Hatchet is a good choice, do you think you will compare both newspaper coverages?

  7. That’s a very interesting considering the variation in audience. Could the political views of the papers leadership have also affected the images selected?

  8. This is an interesting thought, but is it the publics opinion of the events, or the editors opinions of what the public wants to and should know?

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