A Feminist Role Model or Icon?

Each person has a role model that they strive each day to try to live up to their standards and project their ideals. But, as every person has a role model that they admire, they also have an icon that they try to mimic. In this essay, I investigate the difference between a role model and an icon and which stars in the media fit the varied molds, according to feminist ideals and sexual attraction. Using examples such as Farrah Fawcett and Madonna, I explore what makes a person a role model or an icon and the differences between each, in relation to their “sexual” image. A person’s character can be portrayed in the media differently compared to their real life persona; in turn I investigate the perspectives of mentioned subjects about their feelings on their perception in society. I question the ideals of an icon and why a role model makes a better leader while still ganging knowledge on what stars such as Madonna and Farrah Fawcett thought about their public image.


5 thoughts on “A Feminist Role Model or Icon?”

  1. I’m curious as to what exactly is your claim, and the reasons behind your conclusion that a role model makes a better leader than an icon.

  2. Why did you choose these women? And what kinds of images are you looking at and from where? Are you considering analyzing different images from different time periods?

  3. Rol models and celebrities are not bound by their gender, why did you focus only on women? While i am not debating their influence or the merit of focusing on them, it does seem odd to not address men.

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