Civil Rights Photography

colonial2017 November 7, 2013 at 6:22 pm

Civil Rights Photography
This essay argues that there were two very different perceptions of civil rights photography in society during the civil rights movement. As the essay mentions, the well-known white perception is the common one that most of society knows today. However, how did the blacks feel about these same pictures? This essay brings to light how the black community felt during the civil rights movement about these famous pictures that are still being looked at and studied by students all over the country. It argues that black community was happy with the publishing of these pictures and used the anger they felt towards them as fuel to continue on with their fight towards race equality. The essay further identifies how some of the largest civil rights activists were also inspired to keep going in order to win for equality, which enlightens present-day society on how the black community must have felt towards civil rights photography, since their attitude was much different that the white community’s attitude. [165 words]


3 thoughts on “Civil Rights Photography”

  1. What images did you use? It may have been helpful to mention some or at least sources you are using. Interesting topic and perspective though!

  2. I agree, knowing what types of images you are analyzing would offer more insight. What other types of primary resources are you going to use as evidence proving African Americans reactions and opinions towards such images?

  3. My biggest question is how were you able to judge how the entire black community felt as a whole towards the photographs? Also, knowing what type of pictures were used would give a much greater understanding. An example of a picture would be very useful.

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