A Conversation with Kathryn Bigelow

This afternoon, I went to the event at the MPA building called “A Conversation with Kathryn Bigelow.”  I found that Bigelow, an Oscar-winning director, originally started out as a more traditional type of artist, a painter.  One of her mentors and professors was Susan Sontag, author of one of the articles we read in The New Yorker.  She gradually made her way into film as a director.  One of the points she touched on that relates to our class was that her role as a filmmaker is to ask questions that have not been answered previously.  Her question for her movies The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty was “Why did it take ten years to kill Osama bin Laden?”  She wants to address issues in her films that have not been discussed, which in some ways can be controversial.  I really enjoyed hearing such an influential woman in Hollywood speak with the GW community and answer our questions.


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