Corcoran Visit

The Corcoran was eye opening in the respect to how war continues to affect soldier off of the battle field. One of the more haunting pictures was of the soldier and his wife on their wedding day. The soldier’s mauled face and arms angle towards his wife who, with a grimace on her face, looks past the camera. There are a lot of things that she could be feeling about the situation-the man she loved survived war, he is here with her getting married- or it could be something less than romantic. The woman could be thinking about what could have been, how her husband could have retained his unblemished body. While it sounds like a shallow thought, it is also a rational one. the woman did not ask for any of this, and neither did her husband, but the unfortunate reality is that now he has suffered horrible disfigurement. It shows how the conflicts of war travel like a disease, and plague those who are at home.


One thought on “Corcoran Visit”

  1. I felt the same way about this image. It gave the idea that her love was everlasting to this man, but her face gave an alternate idea. She did not seem all too happy with the situation she was in but seemed to just accept the situation that was dealt to her. I thought about something similar in another image too, with the idea being of what could have been. I thought this in the image of the girl with napalm burns but instead of someone else thinking it, I believe the look in her face asked what her life would have been like if this never happened.

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