War Images

Through reading Sontag’s essay and viewing the exhibit, problems arise when trying to analyze historical photographs. For one, in older photographs, the scenes were often posed to create a picture the photographer wanted to present to his audience. The problem arises when war is depicted to the audience as the artist wants it to be shown, not as the events have actually occurred. Also, long shutter times made it difficult for any photos to be taken during action so the pictures were always either posed or of landscapes after carnage has taken place. This problem has been solved to an extent by the invent of faster shutter times which have allowed photographers to take photos is real time. Through this improvement of technology, a new perspective of war is given to the audience, and in Sontag’s opinion, one of the most shocking moments of war, the moment of death, is captured. As viewers, we are shown a disturbing picture that often shakes people’s reality and inspires action through the shock of death and loss of life.


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