Reaction to War

I agree with prior posts in the fact that by either simply looking or not looking, you make the decision to be a spectator, by looking, or a coward, by turning away, but I still hold onto the idea that you can be a participant. By participant I mean that you can feel some sort of connection and/or emotion. I agree that with the older images, I was more of a spectator because even though I know the context behind the images, I didn’t seem to feel as much as I did when I looked at the more recent images. One of the photographs that really got to me was the one with the plane full of soldiers just sitting, It was the waiting that got to me, and I just wondered what THEY think about right before battle. I became a participant, in my opinion, when I teared up at the homecoming photograph as the daughter ran to her returning dad. I think the moment you can somehow connect to any single aspect of an image, be it a relationship or the environment, then you have the ability to move away from just being a spectator, even if you are only a participant to a small degree. At the end of the exhibit I had been all three: a spectator, a small participant, and unfortunately even a coward because the gore and rare pain was at times too much for me. 


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